coaching creative minds

Do you want to discover your talents or make more use of them? Are you facing a tough choice? Do you lack the time to dwell on your restlessness? Sometimes it feels like everything is coming down at you and you just need someone to talk to and exchange thoughts with. Or just be free of everything and find out what questions have really been bothering you. In moments like these it’s nice to talk to a coach.

I work from the thought that life is easier when you can chase your passions and can live energetically. That life is easier when you can deal with things from your own values. That’s why my coaching focuses on authenticity, balancing your life and personal leadership.

Questions that matter

Coaching by me is a common quest, for your questions and the answers that suit you. 

Questions that people often explore with me:

  • What is my strength? How can I deploy this optimally, for a more energetic way of living? 
  • How can I live more in connection with myself and the people around me?
  • How do I make choices? How do I develop myself, authentically, in a direction that suits me?
  • How do I obtain a better balance between ratio and feeling? Between knowledge and intuition?
  • How can I utilize my creativity? How can I both structure and stimulate this?

Who’s behind illustra-coaching?

Ineke Bos is a EMCC /EIA certified coach with a background in science and education. Ineke has a good eye for the strength in people and a passion to facilitate people’s growth. She works with an analyticals view, a strong intuition and a warm heart.



As a coach I guide people in their journey, considering questions on energy balance, authenticity, and creativity. This concerns both personal as well as professional development. I offer individual coaching sessions, workshops (online and live) and intervisie-coaching. I am experienced in coaching in English. Language of the workshops depends on the participants, either English or Dutch. 

individual coaching

I am coaching a.o. scientists, teacher, PhD-students, students and academics from various parts of society, education and industry. This goes in individual coaching sessions, sometimes interactively, visually, creatively, fit to your needs. I have been coaching several international students and scientist, and am experienced in coaching in English.  Every package is tailor-made, both in form as in length.


I give workshops around the questions above. In these workshops you learn some basic knowledge, you can sparr with your peers and work in a creative manner in the quest for your answers to your questions. I use a way of working that not only searches for words but also uses art and visualisation to get to know yourself better. 

intervisie coaching

I organise intervision for groups of alikes in science, eduation and art. After a get-to-know you can explore your question for intervision coaching with me. Subsequently we can both use our network in order to get to a suitable group for intervision.

What people say 

“Ineke is a very energetic, creative, empathetic and intelligent person. She dares to ask all sorts of questions, to experiment with different techniques and approaches. At the end of each session, she was capable to bring all the input back to the initial question. Ineke loves coaching and this is evident in each moment. And it was fun.”


about illustra

It is my belief that everybody can grow optimally when you  can do this close to your own talents, identity and mission. To strengthen this, the quick pace and everyday rush are not very suitable.

To search in coaching sessions for what stimulates you, for your intrinsic values, many people can grow with more focus.

I know which door I need to open, even if there were thousands of ways in and out around me. A little silence is the only thing I need.”


– The witch of Portobello, Paulo Coelho


Schedule an intake

I am happy to explore the possibilities with you. Feel free to schedule an intake, without any obligations. 

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