About Ineke

An eye for the strength in people and the joy in seeing them grow are what characterize me. These are quite useful traits as a coach. And with a background in education and science that makes a valuable combination. This job not only allows me to contribute to society, it also allows me to chase my passion for helping people grow. My career has had many turning points all of which have brought me where I am now. Like many, my life has known plenty of ups and downs. From sickness and stress to inspiring work environments, having children being a mother of three teen-agers, and a move from the Dutch Randstad to the more rural Twente.

Through it all it has become increasingly clear what I want and what’s important in my life. This is the journey we all make in our lives, one more focused and consciously than the other. Now that I am a coach, and I’ve developed the metaphorical tools necessary to do so, I want to help people make this journey for themselves, which fills me with a great sense of purpose.




Ineke as a coach

As a coach I will stand next to you, and support you in taking your own steps towards your own goals. This is what forms the core of a safe learning environment, with psychological safety and freedom. 

I use various forms in my coaching sessions, suiting what suits or challenges you; talking, telling, a dialogue, in my office or wandering around in nature, more traditional or interactive or creative. I also make use of (abstract) art as a way to inspire you and make it show you what matters to you.

You as a coachee are the expert on the content, which is your life. I have the expertise to lead you through a process, offering a structure or basis. I do believe that this is a basis for cooperation and equivalence, supporting your own intrinsic motivation. 

I can have coaching sessions in Dutch as well as in English. I lived in the USA for six months, so English has become a fluent and living language for me. 


“I can get happy when I see a twinkling in the eyes appear when someone, after several coaching sessions, can suddenly experience his own strength again.”

“When you can live and act from your own intrinsic values, it is much easier to lead an energetic live, full of strength and inspiration. “

Coach training

2019/2020                Coach Practicioner.  Coach College de Baak
2020/2021                Master Coach, Coach College de Baak
2023                          EIA-gecertificeerd als Coach Practicioner bij de Nederlandse Orde van BeroepsCoaches. (NOBCO) /  (EMCC).
Maart 2023              ACT online basiscursus. ACT in actie Academie
April 2023                 Basistraining coachen met Voice dialogue. Voice dialogue academie

Former experience

I studied biology at Utrecht University. I did a PhD in immunology / protein chemistry at Sanquin (2003). After several years as a scientist, I worked on knowledge transfer, as a program director, teacher, teamleader, and strategic policy advisor on education and research, at Sanquin and later on at the University of Twente. 


I know which door I need to open, even if there were thousands of ways in and out around me. A little silence is the only thing I need.”


– The witch of Portobello, Paulo Coelho


Schedule an intake

I am happy to explore the possibilities with you. Feel free to schedule an intake, without any obligations.