About Ineke

With a diverse background in Higher education I have plenty experience to understand the context of higher education. To be able to add most value to people and to society I chose to validate this experience and knowledge. This way I can shape my passion to help people grow more concrete. In Spring 2021 I finished the 2-year program coach practicioner & master coach at the Europees Instituut, De Baak. I am a mother of 3 school kids. This job enables me to combine work and private life well, also due to flexible schedules. In my spare time I make music, enjoy nature musea and fancy cooking. 



Former experience

I studied biology at Utrecht University. I did a PhD in immunology / protein chemistry at Sanquin (2003). After several years as a scientist, I worked on knowledge transfer, as a program director, teacher, teamleader, and strategic policy advisor on education and research, at Sanquin and later on at the University of Twente. 


Ineke as a coach

Coaching leadership and an open view on the strength of people with whom I work charactise me. This comes in handy in  my work as a coach. My own background as a scientist and teacher are a valuable combination in my job as a coach. Besides, I am experienced with creative minds from a diverse background. I know the choices that people in higher education have to make. I have seen the power of a mirror and a sparring partner in order to get there.  

Coach training

In March 2019 I started the training Coach Practicioner.

In March 2020 I continued this training with the Master Coach programme, both at Coach College de Baak (former Europees Instituut De Baak).

Since 2023 I am EIA-certified as Coach Practicioner with the Nederlandse Orde van BeroepsCoaches (NOBCO) / European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

“I can get happy when I see a twinkling in the eyes appear when someone, after several coaching sessions, can suddenly experience his own strength again.”

“When you can live and act from your own intrinsic values, it is much easier to lead an energetic live, full of strength and inspiration. “

I know which door I need to open, even if there were thousands of ways in and out around me. A little silence is the only thing I need.”


– The witch of Portobello, Paulo Coelho


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I am happy to explore the possibilities with you. Feel free to schedule an intake, without any obligations.