Coaching in times of Corona


My coaching practice is large enough to keep 1,5 meter distance. Of course, I request you to stick to the current measures from RIVM, and of course I will do so as well.  

In periods when it is safe, people can come to my office. Well ventilated, window open if needed, we can talk at 1,5 meter. And if not, online coaching is very well possible. Hiking in nature is also a good option. 

Besides the Corona-protocol more aspects are of interest in times of Corona.

Online coaching

When Corona requires, coaching can be online. Although this is different, sometimes more difficult to be connected and close enough, I developed several tools to make it effective.

Next to its limitations, online coaching may be comfortable in some situations for you; sitting in your own well-known environment, with your own stuff around you. Distance plays no role. I have coached people living abroad, who I would not have coached in other circumstances. 

Coaching sessions are a dialogue. Limitations of video calling are different in a dialogue compared to an online meeting with many people on the screen. Coaching sessions are about substantial questions about you. This may, by itself, already bring connectedness. And is anyways a welcome contrast in these times of distance and insecurity.  

What can we learn from Corona?

In times of abondance, sufficient energy, connection and freedom, it is not always clear what really matters to you. In this time, pushing your boundaries, you can discover, by standing still on this, what these limitations can tell you.

  • If I hardly experience any freedom, what can I do to feel or regain a touch of freedom? 
  • When I feel lonely, how can I create a feeling of connectedness with the people around me?
  • When work gets too much, what do I need to find my balance and energy again?

These insights can offer a wisdom to fall back on in later life. In coaching sessions we can consider together what you can discover in and from this period.

Going outside in nature


Some topics are very suitable for hiking. During hiking you do not need to look at each other, but are walking alongside, talking to each other. Silence is easy and powerful. Nature`s openness has its own beauty and contribution.  

Some interactive sessions are even more powerful in an open space in the forest, or hiking along a work of art.