Passion & Vision

It is my passion to support people grow. I belief that everybody can develop optimally when you can develop close to your talents, identity, and mission. In order to strengthen this, the quick pace and continuous pressure of daily life is often hampering.

By looking for that what moves you, and what your intrinsic values are, you can grow with more focus.  I am experienced in creating a safe and powerful learning environment.  By searching together with an open mind for your answers, things will start moving again.

I use various ways of working, considering what suits or challenges you; verbally, non-verbally, in my office, hiking in nature, traditional coaching sessions or more interactive forms. I also use (abstract) art for inspiration. We decide together how the coaching sessions are set-up. You, as the coachee, are the expert on your own questions, the content. I, as the coach, am the expert for guiding the process and providing structure.  I believe that this forms a basis for an effective cooperation, optimally suiting your needs and enabling large and long-lasting motivation. 

I can get happy when I see the twinkling in the eyes appear when someone, after several coaching sessions, can suddenly experience his own strength again.

Art and Coaching

Finding words is not always easy. Sometimes, while searching for words, you loose the essence.  An image may be more powerful than words. Art, especially abstract art, has the capacity to depict the essence, without the need of words. (Abstract) Art may position you in closer contact with your intuition. This is the reason that I use art in coaching sessions and workshops; real works of art, or the online material of well-known artworks.

You can read more about the way I use art in coaching on my (Dutch) website Kunst als coach

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Aristoteles.

Ratio and Intuition

Finding balance between ratio and intuition often is a challenge, that you are facing consciously or subconsciously.  Ratio takes its prominent role with many people, while intuition is less visible. This can be perfectly fine. But for some coaching questions it may be helpful to realise their roles in your own decisions, and balance ratio and intuition more consciously. In coaching sessions we can unravel what works for you.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein


Creativity strengthens our ability to deal with continuous changing situations. Many definitions of creativity exist. In my work as a coach, with creative people, often broadly thinking, I emphasize: creativity as the integration of information, intuition and ideas, into novel insights and concepts. This offers new insights and is often a basis for new discoveries. We may be able to do this better than we notice. It forms the basis for new concepts in science, education, society, or any other setting.


I am experienced with various creative people. I am a creative mind myself, thinking out-of-the-box and once in a while coloring within the lines. I cooperated with creative people in science and education.

Our talent is often a source of energy and an interesting chaos at the same time. Structuring and stimulating is a continuous play. I like to distill a new source of strength and inspiration for the people I coach from the chaos of their minds as quick and broad thinkers.


What people say about illustra

“My personal coaching sessions with Ineke were scheduled as part of Honours Change Leaders program at the University of Twente. She asked pointed questions that made me think and question my motives and reasoning behind my goals. I think that is one of the important takeaways for me from these sessions: asking the right questions. These sessions were mentally stimulating and insightful.”

“I greatly appreciated the sessions with Ineke, who helped me to move forward with my personal goals.With the help of Ineke’s unique insights, her attention and questions, I managed to see some things from a different perspective and that really helped me to develop further by learning from past experiences. I am completely satisfied and can only describe the sessions as an opportunity for my internal growth.”

“During the eight months of coaching, Ineke helped me to figure out what I exactly want to do, why I haven’t done certain things and where I am really good at. She enabled me to put goals based on my own values and to focus on the things which really matter to me.

Ineke is a very energetic, creative, empathetic and intelligent person. She dares to ask all sorts of questions, to experiment with different techniques and approaches. At the end of each session, she was capable to bring all the input back to the initial question. Ineke loves coaching and this is evident in each moment. And it was fun.

From the beginning, there was the right chemistry between us. I couldn’t have thought about a better coach for my situation. Thank you for giving me this nice opportunity to see myself from a different perspective.”

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