individual coaching

As a coach I will stand beside you, to explore your question together, and to look for the answers that suit you. Authenticity, personal growth and development are central in this process. Coaching is tailor-made, meaning that every trajectory is different, in content, form and length.

Coaching by me is a common quest, for your questions, and the answers that suit you.  Questions that people ofter explore with me: 

  • What is my strength? How can I deploy this optimally, for a more energetic way of living?
  • How can I utilize my creativity? How can I both structure and stimulate this? 
  • How do I want to use my talents optimally? In order to get more energy out of my life?
  •  How do I make choices? How do I develop myself, authentically, in a direction that suits me? 
  • How do I prepare for an interview? To make sure that I can stand firmly?  
  • How do I obtain a better balance between ratio and feeling? Between knowledge and intuition?

In a few coaching sessions I can accompany you on your own journey.  

Illustraject op maat

Everyone is unique. So is every coaching trajectory. All packages are tailor-made, and set-up together with you, around your questions with suitable ways of working.   Some questions are common. For these I designed some packages that are basically similar for all. But also these are in the end tailor-made.

My coaching sessions are usually 1-1,5 hour. A coaching package mostly consists of 4-8 sessions. Although sometimes it only takes 1 or 2 sessions for valuable and sufficient insights.

Motivation & focus

In this package we explore possible causes of a drop in your motivation, or disturbed focus. We explore a.o. your qualities and talents, the balance between the autonomy, competency and connectedness that you experience (also known as the three basis psychological needs). For example many PhD-students experience a drop in their motivation. But also in other stages of a career you can face this a well as in other sectors than science. For some people, this package is more suitable than time management tools, when regular tools for time management were not successful so far. 

Grant application

A more clear vision on your (unique) strength as a scientist / teacher / artist, and on what really matters to you, makes it easier to make choices, or to prepare for selection rounds.  For this package I will get informed about the grant requirements, and explore with you how this fits, or where is friction with your values. You can either do this just before an interview, or in the preparation phase.  This is not at all about practical preparation. It is about who you are and what you want? A common question among scientists, as well as in teaching and arts. 

This question is also explored in the workshops on Work (Science / Teaching) & Identity, from a different perspective, with peer-sparring, and less in-depth. 


Authentic leadership

Whether it’s about Leadership on yourself, or concerning people around you; as a leader, manager, teacher, or as a team member. The question is always how to show Leadership, with on the one hand a powerful appearance to the outside, and on the other hand to stay close to yourself.

In this package we look from different angles (you, team, organisation, societal context and culture) at your leadership, your intrinsic values, and the connection between you and the world around you.  You can define the focus, and together we explore the questions that matter to you. 

Balancing your creativity

For many people, creativity is a huge strength and barrier at the same time. I have experience with creative people from various sectors. Their questions are quite universal.  How can I organise all my creative thoughts? What should or could I do with the chaos in my mind? While on the other side the question: it’s hard to be creative on command, so how to get to the right creative mindset when needed?  Creativity requires an open mind, resting state, contact with your intuition. When and how do you like to structure, or rather stimulate, your creativity? Which factors are of importance, and can form a basis for creativity? This varies for everybody, and in the coaching sessions we can explore this further.

When you are interested in coaching by me, you can make an appointment for a free consultation, no strings attached.

How to find a coach that suits you?

Finding a coach that suits you is different for every person. Do you have a connection? The times that I was looking for a coach myself, this was my most important starting point. Besides, I consider whether the way of working suits me. The best way to find out whether I am a coach that suits you, is to plan a ……, no strings attached.

Feel free to realise after an acquaintance that we do not match. I will be open about that as well, when I think that, considering your question, another coach would be more suitable, and think along with you if you like.

Below a few suggestions that might help you in finding out which coach you like to get to know:

  • Ask around in your network
  • Check websites from different coaches
  • What do you want to talk about with the coach? How specific is this? Or not at all? Some people have vey specific questions, for which a coach with that specific expertise is suitable. Some others do not know their question yet. I see this vey often
  • Which knowledge, way of working, expertise, or personal characteristics of the coach are important to you,?
  • How important is location to you? Does it have to be in your region, or is traveling, or online coaching no probleem?

What people say about illustra

“My personal coaching sessions with Ineke were scheduled as part of Honours Change Leaders program at the University of Twente. She asked pointed questions that made me think and question my motives and reasoning behind my goals. I think that is one of the important takeaways for me from these sessions: asking the right questions. These sessions were mentally stimulating and insightful.”

“I greatly appreciated the sessions with Ineke, who helped me to move forward with my personal goals.With the help of Ineke’s unique insights, her attention and questions, I managed to see some things from a different perspective and that really helped me to develop further by learning from past experiences. I am completely satisfied and can only describe the sessions as an opportunity for my internal growth.”

“During the eight months of coaching, Ineke helped me to figure out what I exactly want to do, why I haven’t done certain things and where I am really good at. She enabled me to put goals based on my own values and to focus on the things which really matter to me.

Ineke is a very energetic, creative, empathetic and intelligent person. She dares to ask all sorts of questions, to experiment with different techniques and approaches. At the end of each session, she was capable to bring all the input back to the initial question. Ineke loves coaching and this is evident in each moment. And it was fun.

From the beginning, there was the right chemistry between us. I couldn’t have thought about a better coach for my situation. Thank you for giving me this nice opportunity to see myself from a different perspective.”

Schedule an intake

I am happy to explore the possibilities with you. Feel free to schedule an intake, without any obligations.