intervision coaching

For intervision coaching I strive to bring together the people from comparable target groups (science / education / arts) or comparable questions. It is also possible to form your own group of 4, and follow intervision-coaching by me. Place, time and rates are made in mutual consent. 

When you are interested in intervisie with colleague scientists / colleague teachers or colleague artist, feel free to contact me. Based on an acquantaince without any obligations we can explore your question, and discuss with type of colleagues are suitable for your intervision. Based on this we can form groups from our own networks. 


My own background as a scientist and as a strategic policy advisor, combined with my work now as a coach, enables me to recognize questions and think along and against from an integral and functional perspective.

The comparable target groups among scientists my vary from: 

  • Disciplinary or multi-disciplinary 
  • Focusing on research / education / societal impact  
  • Entrepreneurial /applied / fundamental 
  • PhD-students / UD / UHD / Professor
  • Strategic level of operation, both scientifically as well as organisation-wise   

My own background in higher education, also as a teacher, program director, and strategic policy advisor on education, I can think along and against from various perspectives.  

Comparable target groups for intermission coaching among teachers can be combined from the various fields in education:  PO / VO / HO. This enables the discussion of intermission questions from various perspectives, and can lead to novel insights. 

Artists and musicians

For intervision coaching among artists and musicians I do not have a clear plan yet. Simply because I do not have a big enough network in your sector. But when you are interested, you can contact me.  

What people say about illustra

“My personal coaching sessions with Ineke were scheduled as part of Honours Change Leaders program at the University of Twente. She asked pointed questions that made me think and question my motives and reasoning behind my goals. I think that is one of the important takeaways for me from these sessions: asking the right questions. These sessions were mentally stimulating and insightful.”

“I greatly appreciated the sessions with Ineke, who helped me to move forward with my personal goals.With the help of Ineke’s unique insights, her attention and questions, I managed to see some things from a different perspective and that really helped me to develop further by learning from past experiences. I am completely satisfied and can only describe the sessions as an opportunity for my internal growth.”

“During the eight months of coaching, Ineke helped me to figure out what I exactly want to do, why I haven’t done certain things and where I am really good at. She enabled me to put goals based on my own values and to focus on the things which really matter to me.

Ineke is a very energetic, creative, empathetic and intelligent person. She dares to ask all sorts of questions, to experiment with different techniques and approaches. At the end of each session, she was capable to bring all the input back to the initial question. Ineke loves coaching and this is evident in each moment. And it was fun.

From the beginning, there was the right chemistry between us. I couldn’t have thought about a better coach for my situation. Thank you for giving me this nice opportunity to see myself from a different perspective.”

Schedule an intake

I am happy to explore the possibilities with you. Feel free to schedule an intake, without any obligations.