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This workshop is about you. What drives you in your work as a scientist? How can you make this more clear, more visible, and strengthen it? Having a sense of ‘what really matters to you in your work as a scientist’ can be useful in order to take leadership in your own career. The workshop Scientific Identity can help you to find out.

When you are more aware of this, you can make choices that are more faithful to you and your needs. You may have more directed conversations with your manager or colleagues about your ambitions and plans.

Upcoming workshop

September 15th, 12.30-16.30

Coachhuis Maliebaan Utrecht

Next workshop is November 24th, same time and place

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What people say 

“Ineke is a very energetic, creative, empathetic and intelligent person. She dares to ask all sorts of questions, to experiment with different techniques and approaches. At the end of each session, she was capable to bring all the input back to the initial question. Ineke loves coaching and this is evident in each moment. And it was fun.”


about illustra

It is my belief that everybody can grow optimally when you  can do this close to your own talents, identity and mission. To strengthen this, the quick pace and everyday rush are not very suitable.

To search in coaching sessions for what stimulates you, for your intrinsic values, many people can grow with more focus.

I know which door I need to open, even if there were thousands of ways in and out around me. A little silence is the only thing I need.”


– The witch of Portobello, Paulo Coelho


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